Assembly instructions

Model 14.2 // Handrail Luna

Field of application

Private pools


Acrylic solid bar ø40 mm, blue or white illumination, LED lamp removable, transformer included in the scope of supply, cable of 3 m length, screwed, straight brackets, stainless steel *316*, polished, brackets ø25 mm, wall distance 90 mm, overhang at the sides 25 mm, standard length 1,0 m, 2 brackets

construction corresponding to this drawing


Flange assembly against the pool wall (flange ø75/hole circle ø55)

Assembly materials

Are included in the scope of supply.

Ordering references

Model number (see current price list)


Counter flanges for polyester or liner pools


Can be used indoor and outdoor, not only for pools.
Acrylic solid bar does not turn hot.