About us

Today’s swimming pool mirrors the individuality of its owner. For the manifold varieties of shape and equipment hardly set any limit to the imagination.

We contribute our share to this: IDEAL-Eichenwald has been developing stainless steel equipment for swimming pools for more than 50 years. Today, IDEAL-Eichenwald is one of the leading manufacturers of stainless steel accessories for swimming pools in Europe.

In our daily work, we are focused on meeting our customers’ desire for individuality, recreation and relaxation. Our customer shall feel comfortable in their swimming pool.

To achieve this goal, three core values determine our daily actions:

Solution Orientation

For our customers we want to create the perfect solution to meet their desire for an individual and feel-good atmosphere in the pool. Therefore, we offer an extensive product range of over 600 articles, to be able to present the right product for every need.

Even if a customer’s desire cannot be met with one of the standard products of our extensive product range, we like to develop with our customers together a solution that will meet his wishes.

Pioneering / Innovation

Our customers should be able to be distinguished by their swimming pool.

Therefore, it is important for us to develop products with groundbreaking design and innovative techniques. The most recent examples of this endeavor are our illuminated Cascade, the illuminated steps of the ladder or our solar showers.


Our customers have high expectations concerning their pools and thus high demands to the company Eichenwald.

To meet these demands, the central starting point for us is the delivery high quality products and services. Therefore, we provide our customers every day high-quality products, friendly and competent advice and fast, reliable quote and order processing.