Assembly instructions

Model 14.1 // Handrail

Field of application

Private pools with vertical pool walls
For public pools we recommend special lengths.


Stainless steel *316*, polished, bar ø40 mm, screwed, straight brackets, brackets ø25 mm, wall distance 90 mm, overhang at the sides 100 mm,
standard length 1,0 m, 2 brackets,
standard length 2,0 m, 3 brackets,
standard length 3,0 m, 3 brackets

construction corresponding to this drawing


Flange assembly against the pool wall (flange ø75 mm/hole circle ø55 mm)

Assembly materials

Are included in the scope of supply.

Ordering references

Standard lenghts:

Model number (see current price list)

Special lengths:

Pool dimensions or individual lengths, type of brackets, 90° bend


Counter flanges for polyester or liner pools, deflecting bend for shutter pool covers


For pools with cover we recommend slanted or curved brackets.