StepsMinimum pool depth
for 2 Steps780 mm
for 3 Steps1060 mm
for 4 Steps1340 mm
for 5 Steps1620 mm

Model 01 // Ladder Tina

Custom made? No problem!

Field of application

Private pools with vertical pool walls


Stainless steel *316*, polished, bar ø40 mm, non-skid surface of the steps, step is 75 mm deep, vertical distance between the steps 250/280 mm, width 485 mm bar centerline, overhang behind the edge of the pool 150 mm, height above the pool deck 600 mm, ... steps, for a pool depth of ..., VARIO excl. assembly kit

construction corresponding to this drawing


With assembly kit Model 66:

In anchor sockets, set in concrete, bumpers inside the pool
flange assembly to the finished pool deck, bumpers inside the pool

Assembly materials

Are included in the scope of supply (excl. assembly kit).

Ordering references

Model number (see current price list), type of assembly


Safety step (also retrofitted), step is 180 mm deep