Model 18 // Stair Railing

Field of application

Private and public pools


Stainless steel *316*, polished, bar ø40 x 2 mm, height 900 mm, bending radius 150/100 mm, overhang behind the edge of the pool approx. 200 mm, with/without additional rail ø25 mm

construction corresponding to this drawing


Flange assembly to the finished floor incl. escutcheons on all stanchions
in anchor sockets, set in concrete

Assembly materials

Are included in the scope of supply.

Ordering references

Horizontal length(s) (LD), difference(s) of level (HD)

intermediate stanchion(s) neccessary for lengths over 1500 mm with horizontal length(s) intermediate stanchion(s) (LZ) and differences of level intermediate stanchion(s) (HZ)


Assembly in anchor sockets, additional bar, counter flanges for polyester or liner pools