Assembly instructions

Model 15 // Handrail system

Field of application

Private pools
The distances between the brackets are variable and can be fi xed during the assembly (measurements of the joint).
For pools with cover we recommend curved brackets.


Stainless steel *316*, polished, bar ø35 mm,
system length 1,0 m, (without brackets),
system length 2,0 m, (without brackets),
system length 3,0 m, (without brackets)

Can be combined with:

Straight or curved brackets, wall distance 60 mm or 90 mm, max. bearing distance 1,0 m

System lengths and brackets are connected with the aid of clamps.

construction corresponding to this drawing


Flange assembly against the pool wall (flange ø75 mm/hole circle ø55 mm)

Assembly materials

Are included in the scope of supply.

Ordering references

Model number (see current price list), number of system units


Counter flanges for polyester or liner pools